My thang 

The Farris Smith Diaries, Vol. 10
Posted on 5/4/2009 at 8:00 AM

Bonjour to all. I must apologize for not updating "My Thing" sooner. There is no excuse. But, I am back and times they are a changing. Paris is starting to warm up and folks are starting to smile more. Since my last post, I have gone to Hawaii and San Francisco. It's been years. I have also become a resident of France and am now able to work bigger shows. I am also studying French three nights a week and keeping up with it. I just joined a managing agency and will be working more High-End performances. As you might have noticed My page is up and running. I waited a long time but am now able to put my own songs on the site. And last but not least, I am part of an expose by Writer/Photographer Meredith Mullins. It just hit news stands here in Paris. The title is Paris magazine. Thank you Meredith once again.

Family life is good and getting better each and every day. Well, till next time.