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The Farris Smith Diaries, Vol. 2
Posted on 28/1/2007 at 8:00 AM

Bonjour once again from Paris, France. Well, winter (hiver) is setting in and the snow (neige) is almost here. Scraping ice of the windshield each morning. That's OK; it’s part of the Paris magic.

The music scene is taking me south into Spain this spring and the dates are adding up. Terry Lee Hale's new CD is getting great reviews and we will be touring to promote the release.

It has been very challenging lately with the Contrabasse. This touring and flying does not mix. So, I must find ways through the train system to make some of the shows.

Man-O-Man, I have been meeting so many great people during my performances. To all the singers and beautiful SOUL'S, think you. I am feeling truly blessed with my music and the upcoming show at the New Morning is going to be a real big SHOW. The Alltet will be in fine form so BE there. Also, just found a new spot to go out and hang........ this is one beautiful club. Low price drinks and very classy. I will be installed there with the Alltet when I am in town.

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