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ImageWelcome to my Liens Page.  This page contains Links to sites I hope will inform as well as entertain.




  • Some of my current Jazz Links
    • Jack Pollard is one of the bay area's best Jazz vocalist. Take the time to check out his web site: JPJAZZ
    • Jazz Links for musisians and fans.  Beware:  These links will have your full attention.
    • A new site for Bass Players. This is a must have. Bass Player T.V
      Tina's Cafe
      a great oasis for musicians traveling around France.
    • French info Links
      • These links are near and dear to my heart. For any expat thinking of living in France, these sites are a must: Also check out this site for gobs of info bonjour paris More to come.
      • If you are an American thanking of going to France or and American now living in France has what you need.
      • is another very informitive site.
    • Bass Links
      • Over the years I have seen some very good sites. I will share them as I come across them. I use a Pierre Joseph's Pick-up on my upright. (I also have a Realist mounted)


  • Other Music and Misc. Links

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